ACE Spooling Winches and Reels

ACE Winches manufacture a range standard and bespoke spooling winches, designed to facilitate the installation or removal of wire, rope or umbilicals from winches to storage reels under constant back tension.

ACE spooling winches are designed to rotate reels of wire, rope or umbilical. Removable shafts act as an axle and can be supplied in various diameters to support the reel through a hole in the centre.    50te to 400te – maximum reel weight capacities.

The winches can be diesel, electric or pneumatically driven. Smaller units are supplemented with external HPUs while units capacities of 50te or higher have integrated power systems.

ACE Spooling Winch and ACE Traction Winch

Original manufacturer’s reels are not designed to take a lot of back tension, likewise spooling winches have their limitations as well.  Our ACE spooling winch and ACE traction winch combination provides the solution.

The original manufacturer’s reel with the product will be installed onto our ACE spooling winch.  The ACE traction winch is then used to generate the high back tension required to spool the product onto the client’s equipment.

The ACE traction winch works on friction drive mechanism.  We can generate a spooling back tension as high as 90te.   To generate this back tension you only need to apply 8te of a tension on the manufacturer’s spooling drum.