ACE Umbilical Reelers

ACE Umbilical Reelers are designed to deploy and recover a range of hydraulic or electric / fibre optic subsea umbilical products.  The umbilical reelers are available as electric, hydraulic and air driven units and can be supplemented with external HPUs. Choose from a range of standard and bespoke umbilical reelers in single or various double drum configurations.  Some models can be supplied fitted with our proven Active Heave Compensation control system to improve safety and reduce weather-related downtime in subsea environments.

The units are suitable for operation in shallow and medium water depths, as well as the highly specialised deepwater market.

ACE Umbilical Reelers have the following features:

  • Designed in accordance with DNV rules for lifting and ATEX directive
  • The umbilical reeler is driven via a ring-gear for increased life and reduced maintenance
  • Slip-rings transfer the connections (hydraulic, electric or fibre optic) from rotating reeler drum to a static termination on reeler skid
  • Reelers are outfitted with multiple hydraulic isolation valves that provide additional control and protection
  • Manually or fully automatic synchronised spooling systems to ensure the even lay of umbilical on reeler drum
  • Include safety interlock systems to help protect personnel and equipment

ACE Winches’ equipment is manufactured with due consideration to the often harsh environments encountered in marine applications, and suitable protective measures have been incorporated as ACE Manufacturing standard.

Details on the specific performance characteristics are available from ACE Winches.

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