Case Studies

Coil Tubing Lift Frame Winch Safety Upgrade

We were contracted to conduct a safety upgrade on seven 12 tonne drum winches we had previously manufactured and supplied.

The work involved the fitting of a secondary brake system to the motor side of the drum to give the winches a double break system.

The motor was removed from the winch and…

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Our client required an overhaul of an A-Frame, Winch and HPU within a short timeframe to meet project schedules. 

The scope of work included a full inspection and re-engineer of the vertical support and lower pad-eye of the A-Frame. A full inspection was carried out on the winch, the brake units…

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Following an inspection and survey of the components, ACE Winches were awarded a contract to rebuild a turret winch aboard the Alba FSU. 

We were required to procure, fabricate and refurbish the necessary replacement components and subsequently reassemble the winch ready for operation. We also…

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ACE supply float up winch spread for assistance of the world’s longest suspension bridge

The Çanakkale 1915 is a 3.7km suspension bridge being built over the Dardanelles Strait in the Çanakkale province of Turkey. Located at the western end of the Marmara Sea. The new bridge is expected to improve the transportation network in the country, and promote socio-economic growth and…

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Shore Pulling Operation for the Barzan Pipeline Project, Qatar


We were awarded a contract to deliver the shore pulling operation for the Barzan Pipeline Project in Ras Laffan, Qatar.

The Barzan project included installation of a pipeline to deliver sour gas from three well sites with unmanned wellhead platforms, situated in the North Field off the north…

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Riser Pull-In Winch Survey, Service and Recommission On-board the Snorre B Platform

We recently won a contract to survey, service and recommission the Riser Pull-in Winch onboard the Snorre B Platform.

We deployed a Technical Specialist to survey the winch, and Hydraulic and Electrical Technicians to troubleshoot and operate the winch for further inspection work. Our Hydraulic…

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ACE Winches delivers world leading riser installation solution

A challenging new design for ACE Winches, the client required a significantly smaller riser pull-in equipment package than the traditional model to be incorporated into their existing framework on the main deck level on the Lucius spar platform.

With limited deck space and extreme operating…

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Balmoral Platform Derrick Compensator Winch

We were tasked to refurbish and reinstate two derrick compensators and two air winches on the Balmoral Platform.

The scope of work included modification of existing base frames to accept new winches, whilst utilising existing offshore hold down plates.

Our specialist Offshore Technicians were…

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Electric Winch Overhaul

Refurbishment of three 16.5te Electric Thruster Winches and Control System as per Maersk workscope.


• Provision of replacement winch foundation
• All parts and components cleaned,blasted and painted
• FAT tested to ACE specifications
• Configured load limit function

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Mooring Winch Rebuild

Complete rebuild of four Heavy Mooring Winches.


• Drive train and braking systems fully reverse engineered and rebuilt
• Bespoke spooling gear manufactured to suit over spooling
• FAT tested to ACE specifications

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