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The Çanakkale 1915 is a 3.7km suspension bridge being built over the Dardanelles Strait in the Çanakkale province of Turkey. Located at the western end of the Marmara Sea. The new bridge is expected to improve the transportation network in the country, and promote socio-economic growth and…

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A challenging new design for ACE Winches, the client required a significantly smaller riser pull-in equipment package than the traditional model to be incorporated into their existing framework on the main deck level on the Lucius spar platform.

With limited deck space and extreme operating…

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The ACE Linear Chain Winch has been designed to accommodate 84mm chain. Unlike a conventional rotary winch, the Linear Chain Winch is not constrained by the amount of product the winch drum can hold, or suffer loss of pulling power as the product spools higher onto the drum. The Linear Winch is…

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Scope of Supply

2 x 120te Mooring Winch Packages
4 x ACE 80te Deck Winch Packages
16 x ACE Operational Personnel

ZPQ Platform

The Zawtika Processing and Living Quarters platform produces gas for supply to Myanmar and Thailand. The project development also includes the Kakonna and Gawthaka gas…

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Scope of Supply

1 x ACE 120te Topside Load-out Winch Package
6 x ACE Operational Personnel

LSP-1 and LSP-2 Platforms

LSP-1 is the primary production facility at the Yuri Korchagin field, performing drilling and process operations. The platform is supported by the LSP-2 accommodation unit.

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Client: Saipem

Project: S45 Barge for Zawtika ZPQ

Scope of Work: ACE Floatover Installation Package

Project Details

ACE Hire Equipment commissioned a Floatover Installation Package for Saipem, Singapore.

Accompanied by six ACE Hire Personnel, six winch packages were mobilised including two ACE…

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Client: McDermott

Project: Saudi Arabia

Scope of Work: 40 tonne Pull Synthetic Rope Traction Winch, 100 tonne Spooling Winch, 200 tonne Spooling Winch and 120 tonne Vessel A&R Winch

Project details

This contract involved ACE Hire Equipment and Hire Personnel in a unique cable pull operation…

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ACE Winches manufacture a range of standard and bespoke drum winches, available in single or double drum configurations. Drum winches are designed to be utilized for hoisting, deployment, mooring and general pulling applications and, depending on the size and power requirement, can be…

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The ACE 500te Linear Winch package carried out the pull-in operations of a 18” natural gas pipeline
running from the SSY base to shore, encompassing an offshore section of 6.5 km and a buried onshore
section of 1.5 km long.

Sergipe Thermoelectric Power Plant is located in Barra dos Coqueiros and…

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Project: Petronas Carigali Block 1 Development, offshore Turkmenistan

Scope of work: GBSand topside load-out package


To provided GBS and topsides Load-out package and personnel support for the Turkmenistan Block 1 Development MCR-A platform.
The first phase of…

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