8th July 2019

ACE Winches Norge AS, the Norwegian sister company of ACE Winches, have successfully completed registration for Achilles and EPIM. Membership of these prestigious organisations indicate that the company must comply to the strictest health, safety, environmental and quality standards.

Achilles ensure members are compliant with the highest HSEQ standards and offer a complete picture of the supply chain by collecting and reiterating relevant information about their members. Before registration can be completed, companies must fulfil a rigorous, industry-specific, prequalification process. For supply companies, like ACE Winches Norge AS, it gives the opportunity to benchmark performance, identify areas for improvement and discover new and creative ways to resolve business problems, ensuring consist delivery of the highest standard to their clients.

EPIM offer solutions for secure and effective interaction between the main operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The organisation presents a professional network for registered companies and allows operators to have a complete overview of members’ HSEQ information. They also provide several reports and publications to inform members of any amendments to regulations and legislation within the industry, meaning that registered companies are always up to date with any changes.    

Bill Nelson, the HSEQ Manager at ACE Winches, commented “HSEQ is a big priority for ACE and we are committed to continuously looking at our practices to identify any areas of improvement to benefit our clients and have a deeper understanding of their needs. Membership to these organisations mean that we are being entirely transparent about our practices and our clients can be completely satisfied that we are meeting and maintaining the highest standards.”

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