Mooring System, Control System and Shore Pull

Race Bank Wind Farm

Race Bank Wind Farm is a 580MW offshore wind farm (round 2) located 27km north of Blakeney Point off the coast of Norfolk and 28km east of Chapel St Leonards off the Lincolnshire coast in the North Sea.

A 5 Point Mooring Winch Package (identical winches, central control console, tow winch package and umbilical winch package, was supplied by ACE Winches.

The umbilical reeler powered the trencher and the tow assistance winch was used to recover the trencher if it became lodged in the seabed.


  • 5 x ACE 75te WLL Hydraulic Drum Winch
  • 6 x ACE 110kW Safe Area Closed Look Electric HPU
  • ACE 250te WLL Hydraulic Drum Winch
  • ACE 242kW Safe Area Closed Loop Electric HPU
  • 5 x ACE 50te SWL Zone I Running Line Monitor
  • ACE 10te WLL Umbilical Reeler
  • ACE Zone 2 Spooling Gear Unit

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